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why launch sponsity?

Sponsity is a new economic model that shall gradually outpace the current outdated  system of unsustainable capitalism. Imagine the impact when a huge chunk of the world’s profits are put into circulation for the benefit of everyone?  That ‘trickle down effect’ theory ended up being bullshit and was dangerously exploited.

Linda Bee

Why launch Sponsity?
Today’s economic system is moulded by a financially affluent group of individuals who keep it maintained this way to be the ones reaping the most benefit. These affluent players have a name these days. They are called the one percenters.

Currently considered one of the biggest dilemmas of modern society, business law favours this formula of economic unsustainability. We, the remaining 99%, are feeling the impact! Whether mentally, financially, ethically or psychologically, we all feel it. And even if we have carved out a life of comfort and sense of security, it is not without the feeling that your existence depends on the one percenters.

Ironically, this small affluent group could not exist without us; We the majority.
We are the 99%. This means ‘we are clearly the solution’!

But the big question is: what can be done?
As the ‘collective majority’ – that’s YOU and ME – we can ALL do something!

Let’s call it ‘sustainable give and recieve’. Sponsity’s economic model is the beginning of sustainable commerce, and a driver to get us to an equilibrum that is much, much fairer than the pressures put on us today.

What May Pipher was perhaps highlighting, was the goodness of charity when she said “social change is a million individual acts of kindness”. So might economic change mean millions of individuals benefiting from the acts of $urplus.

Why are people so money-centric?

First of all – not all people are money-centric, even though something like 70 percent of human emotion is linked to money. Money now categorizes people and it has become the level of measure about a person in society. Those not placing money as a high-priority in their life are rarely seen as achievers. So yes, money has become the gauge of an individual’s measure of self-worth.

Since it was invented, money conveniently became backbone to society and an all important exchange. Most wanted to enjoy a quality lifestyle with the material things that meet their needs. But since money has become the commodity of all commodities; it is used to acquire more money and those who have acquired it live with the buzz ranging from security, to success, to superiority. It’s a strange mix.

However, the power bestowed on money has deemed it to become the root-cause of destruction and greed. It is why money is considered to be the cause of virtually every social problem.

The world is spiraling as wealth is shifting. More money is going into the pockets of the few. And it is that measure worrying economists today. Forty percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by one percent of the population, and if nothing changes, by 2030, they will have sixty percent. And that will have been made for them by the real riches: your time and your need to survive. Lost is the ability to live a quality life. It is diminishing and as it erodes, the minority continue to extract more and more from the majority. That’s the squeeze that reduces our rewards.

Money has become a control mechanism that the one percenters use to increase their lion’s share and quite simply means taking away the rewards to others. Quite the vicious circle.

The period of transition

As Sponsity begins its journey, today starts the period of transition. Being the change, transforming the world, embracing the journey, means taking flight.

Imagine the scenario when the circulation of money is shared with the world, not just with a select minority group of people, but with all people.

The Sponsity model is designed to do exactly that! Sponsity re-circulates all profits derived from the Sponsity shop, but doesn’t stop there. Sponsity is a system that shows how we can escape from this locked-in economy faster than we can imagine. Sonsity is a new economic model in emergence.

A joint effort will see substantial changes emerge from as early as Year-2 when customers start witnessing the value and results from their buying decisions.

What you can do?

The formula to dissolve unsustainable capitalism is explained in a series of videos coming soon . In the meantime, you are not required to do anything differently other than to think about who you buy from online; before you buy …

As a transparent, earth-friendly, economic model, with people-centric values, a different economic outcome shall emerge. Sponsity shows how to use consumerism as a tool to go beyond fulfilling a personal need or whim.

Presenting earth-friendly products, no person, animal or planet has been harmed in the making of that product. That’s the foundation of everything available at Sponsity, and without effort, you have already taken the first step of a conscious buying decision. But we don’t stop there … there is more ….

Start the conversation

The best way to go about learning more is to start the conversation.

From there, as awareness of the concept is embraced by more and more people, it becomes clear that an outward rejection of unsustainable capitalism and the abuse made to people affected by it, is something we can respond to, turn around! As a global community, we can decide to put it behind us as we move to action.

Talk to one, two, three people around us and get word out into the cyber highways. As people visit Sponsity, a larger, more open discussion will evolve. And just as your needs go beyond wanting a product, an item or a service; so does our work in supplying them.

But first, allow us to show what might tickle your fancy during the process and our Step One. If you feel we are on the same page, check into our SHOP every now and then. It’s small right now – but about to start to grow. And if you want to share this blog with anyone, please do so. Start the conversation and be a part of it …

And keep in mind, even if “money (does) make the world go round”, Sponsity’s anchor is to show that “what goes round, comes round”.

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