Generation Z are being forced to wake up and act upon the challenges that many struggle to comprehend. The look ahead and ask “What future is there for us?”  In parallel, apart from the new economic model delivered by Sponsity for a sustainable future; part of the process is creating reliable jobs. 

Our teams and their work are our most valuable asset. The entire Sponsity business model is devised around team success and reward – this is a business that puts people first! 

And so we thought that to address the problem, we would allocate most of the jobs to the generation reaping the benefits right from their professional beginnings in life.   

Because Sponsity is a global economic solution to improve the status quo of business as usual – because The Gen Z’s are who they are – the opportunity to actively pursue work that stimulates and contribute to building the future they want. 

The journey starts as a 13-week volunteer internship. We consider this the qualification period. But first, why is Sponsity reaching out to the youth?

Well, most have their fingers on the pulse in terms of everything social and online. They are also aware that solutions are needed for a viable future to emerge. And Sponsity likes the fact that young people are less inclined to ponder on ‘the impossible’. If they understand the mechanisms and receive the right support – they don’t revert to the accumulated habits that stop them (as many adults do). And this is the beauty of our team. 

We share the belief that ‘we are ALL a part of the solution’.

As we address the malpractice of unsustainable capitalism and short term visions of those running ‘the events’ in the world, our team is more than capable of changing the face of the future. In fact it may not be the meek (or the rich) who inherit the world – but a generation of pro-active students banding together as a team – to bring into reality – the solution our world so desperately needs right now! 

Today, we are 12 interns. In the long term, the team will grow extensively, but each qualified team member will have started with us as a volunteer-intern in training.  

We call upon their individual talent to help them discover and share their knowledge across different platforms. We test and employ their pro-activeness and the value of their personal contribution. 

Intern’s signup as volunteers because the project resonates and an internship is required by most study curriculums, but teamwork mentality is a crucial component. Then they get an inside view of the big picture.


So if anything resonates here, please consider applying:
1. You’re following a course or curriculum and need hands on experience.
2. You are convinced that your educational pursuit is where you want to grow – professionally.
3. Are you a team player – like helping others – willing to share your knowledge?
4. ‘Indistractable’ is the new black – and a highly sought after skill! Do you possess it or are you willing to learn how to become it? This basically goes hand-in-hand with self-discipline.
5. If there something specific, even different or unique that you think adds value to Sponsity – propose it. It might be a skill, a product you would love to launch, an idea that you want to develop.
6. If you have the gumption, go that step further. Send us a job description of what you would like to provide over 13-weeks that contributes to Sponsity’s growth.

If you or a friend wish to apply, here’s what to expect after acceptance: 

7. Every student who trains with Sponsity is given the option to upskill with whatever ‘tool’ used to deliver their contribution.
8. They learn how to become a remote worker (for those who qualify – we represent a great solution for young travellers wanting to work on the way)
9. Interns select their role from the professional path they seek to pursue, whether social media, law, accounts, press & media, etc.
10. They like the idea of becoming an entrepreneur in an entrepreneurial system and defining their schedule.
11. Learning as they go – they master pro-activeness because they have been given the guidelines and lateral to be so!
12. They will grasp how the accumulation of wealth from supply & demand can be converted for horizontal circulation and how their role, upon qualifying as a Contributor, works.
13. They absorb the visual of how the very foundation of society will be fixed, whilst in parallel, they can get paid to do their part!
14. The ‘team mentality’ is established early in the recruitment process when students work with another (in pairs) to apply their logic and personal-proficiency into decision-making. They make the decisions ‘together’ before submitting their strategy for approval and implementation.
15. Many call it their ‘dream’ job and as we advance, those who qualify as a Contributor may secure a long term position when the project has gained financial traction.
16. They learn and approve their future reward structure as a Contributor.
17. We cannot guarantee every intern a job immediately after the 13-week period, but upon qualifying as capable of doing the job well, we call upon them when we are ready to recruit for that position.

Sponsity provides the model, its structural foundations, functionality, automations, and the big picture intelligence. We simply ask our Gen Z team to be receptive and open, to listen for clues and cues, and to apply themselves in a way that Sponsity and everyone on the team benefits. 

If you or anyone you know would like to join us, please complete this form and we’ll reply with the next step.

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