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The GRETA Conspiracy

These men took it upon themselves to diss it to a girl brave enough to stand up on behalf of her peer group, and every one of us. Mandy Nolan, from Northern NSW, Australia, very much our seriously current-tongue-in-cheek-affairs reporter and comedian (who some just can’t get enough of), gave her take on how she witnessed it from Australia. I had to share so am doing something that I rarely do: asking forgiveness before asking permission. I might have ruffled someone’s feathers and if I have – I expect Mandy might well come back and diss it to me!

Linda Bee

Mandy Nolan is a bit of an icon where I live. She’s a local with a worldly view and is quite vocal about it. Whether from the stage of stand-up comedy routines or MC of an event; whether between the covers of books she has authored, or her articles written for different magazines, I couldn’t let this one slide, being so passionate myself about Greta’s ‘passion’.

Mandy has a weekly gig in our local rag (where this was published) which would be left unread by so many, if we didn’t get it out there.

Her writing makes her an excellent opinionater (whether you side with her or not); skilled at hitting the nail right on its tiny little head and banging some sense into it (most of the time), however, I believe she would not adhere to constant perfection because if there’s something that Mandy is right down to her core – she’s human!.

Of course, debate, praise and criticism follow her around like sweet smells and nasty whiffs. She’s seasoned now, like a good brew, a soup with flavour and succulent presentation, so to Mandy I say – you go, woman! Because I so wanted to share this – please forgive me!

And with some minor tweaks – the reviewer quotes:

“Greta Thunberg was right when she derided world leaders recently with ‘How Dare You’. How dare they, in fact, how dare we?

How dare we not take immediate action to ensure a future for up-and-coming generations; the future generations we gave birth to, because we wanted hot mum pics to post on Instagram, or because we needed someone to love us and give our lives meaning, or someone to carry our family name into the environmental apocalypse.

The backlash against a 16-year-old girl is astounding. Can’t teenage girls go back to twerking videos? Doing make-up tutorials on youtube? Watching the Kardashians?

It’s clear many adults around the world have a serious case of ‘Ephebiphobia’. That’s a fear of youth, and it is characterised by ‘inaccurate, exaggerated and sensational characterisation of young people’. She’s a puppet! They proclaimed. She’s an actor!

The whole thing looked rehearsed. Well der – if I had 4 minutes to pitch my case to the UN I’d be rehearsing too. As for her anger – that which adults are permitted to call passion – well, that’s what happens when you are enraged. And if you’re not enraged by our imminent mass extinction, then you’re a robot.

No matter what her name-calling detractors say, Greta has had a massive impact. This is what happens when you educate girls!

We were comfortable with Malala. We celebrated her because as a Pakistani activist for female education she spoke out against the Taliban. We don’t perceive them like us. They are Talibans. They are fundamentalists. They operate with a corrupted and controlling mindset. They won’t change their dangerous ideology. Sound familiar?

So, to governments and corporate leaders around the world (not unlike a home-grown Taliban). Here’s a heads up to young people against your regime of self-interest and who are raging because of it. It takes a 16-year-old girl with Aspergers and anxiety to reveal who you really are.

It’s clear the world is not ready for outspoken and articulate young women. We are however comfortable trivialising young women’s interests as being shallow and fickle. We love to accuse them of being the ‘Me’ generation. The narcissists obsessed with taking selfies. We deride them for their lack of resilience, their high incidence of anxiety, their inability to leave home, to be like us.

And when they speak out; we tell them that they should ask politely. Like good children. We attempt to discredit them as the right-wing climate change deniers and media commentators around the world have done to Greta. If you’re a climate change denier, then how the F did you get into the media in the first place? There’s clearly been a sharp decline in critical thinking and an upsurge in ultra right-wing memes and dodgy graphs, resulting in a nasty social rash of people who mobilise around belief, not fact.

Like ex-footballer turned Australian TV ‘personality’ (and I use that term lightly) Sam Newman lashing out with tweets like: “That annoying little brat addressed the UN on the so-called climate crisis.” WHO lets THIS shit have a platform? Mendacious, inbred sycophants, that’s who. #ClimateChangeHoax.’ “Hey Sam, you’re a footballer FFS. Happy for you to talk about AFL. You must know something about that. But step away from science.”

And what exactly is the Climate Change Hoax? Who does it serve? No-one can really explain the big conspiracy in their own words, just with Facebook links and memes to photoshopped images of Greta eating lunch in front of some Ethiopian children. Scientists must clearly be in the employ of – wind farmers, hemp producers and Farmers Markets? It’s obvious!

There’s no reason for those corporations who are heavily invested in coal and fossil fuels (those who fund government, who hold most of the world’s wealth) to be pushing this agenda and be behind efforts to discredit climate science. Uhmmm, aren’t these alone obvious reasons why they’d be the architects of this supposed ‘Climate Change Hoax.’

Hoax? Tut tut. Attacking the character of a 16-year-old girl and her parents to shift the conversation away from climate action? How dare you!.” Unquote

The original article was published in The Echo NETDAILY on 2nd October 2019.


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