Supply and demand as we know it today is central to Sponsity’s operations – we research, market, and sell, but beyond that, we are different.

Sponsity donates 100% of its $urplus (profits)  to the Global Sustainability Fund (GSF). The GSF then provides no-interest loans to support viable Social Enterprise Entities (SEEs) in launching and selling their products to our customers. 

We subsidise the admin, marketing and sales costs of approved SEE’s while also assisting with material and production start-up costs. This allows each SEE team to focus on creating the best-quality product possible.

As a start-up, when you apply for a no-interest loan, the GSF evaluates consumer demand for your product or service,  and reviews your personal proficiencies before the financial arrangement on offer is locked in. If approved, you and your team will receive professional and financial support until you reach a set breakeven production quota. 

Within this structure, we are able to help ourselves and countless others by circulating currency beyond the bounds of the current financial system. As it grows, the GSF will become an asset for the people of the world. If you wish to join the transition from unsustainable capitalism, feel free to:

  • submit a project or a product for review because you feel it will appeal to our growing customer base
  • follow our suggestions to help optimise your team and production line  
  • become part of the infrastructure designed to bring prosperity for the world-to-be
how to become a SEE