Everyone can do something, whether a customer or not. Sponsity is about ‘give & receive’. We strive to deliver rewards to those being pro-active on our behalf. So how might you get involved?

1- Spread the word. Talk about us!
2- Wherever you see us on Social Media – SHARE!
3- Register to participate in competitions when launched.
4- Buy any products that tickle your fancy.
5- Become a Sponsity VOICE and receive rewards
6- Sign up for a 13-week Volunteer-Internship
7- LIKE us on Facebook
8- Link to us on Linkedin

Sponsity is the path to uproot unsustainable capitalism. The way to guarantee community success is as much in your hands as it is in ours. We’re teamwork at play and when you put your hand up – we move closer and faster to the new economic model of ‘give & receive’.

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