The Flavour of Joy by Kate McAloon


While writing this book, Kate asked herself out loud, whenever she got stuck “What am I waiting for?” She was aware of the information overload out there regarding diet and healthy recipes. What could she contribute that would be different? And then she knew. “We all have something special to share and those drawn to what I have to offer, will get what’s right for them” and so she kept writing.

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Kate McAloon is a fabulous woman. She’s lived life worthy of a book, and in it, has integrated her creative, healthy recipes and talents. Scrumptious food praised by many recognized celebrity clients, Kate is also called upon to lead culinary cooking tours across Europe.

Gourmand simplicity from easy-to-make secrets we’d perhaps not imagined on a plate. Read about her interactions with the world through food and the colourful characters she meets. Pure succulent entertainment in and out of the kitchen.

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