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The 1kg bag : N-Fix G is based on sound environmental principles. A premium quality soil nutrient concentrate in granular form, it provides controlled release of nutrients and has a wide range of uses. From the pot plants of interior plant lovers to your city terraces and gardens, from veggie patches to lawns and bowling greens. It is also effective on stubborn growth areas and ideal for high wear patch recovery.

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N-Fix G contains 20.34% organic Carbon; Macro & Micro-Nutrients ; Wetting Agent; High mineralised organic granules with a performance to balance and stabilise pH, mineralise the soil nutrients. It is totally non-toxic and easy to spread.

A little goes a long way which makes it very cost effective. It improves soil structure, enhances mineralization and moisture retention by speeding up the production of beneficial fungal hyphae colonisation.

PERFORMANCE: It was noted from a comparison testing on seedlings. N-Fix-G treated were more frost resistant. A better uniform and established growth was recorded. Almost 100% germination occurred (compared to 60% of the non treated section). The stems and roots were stronger; glossier leaves with stronger colour, and N-Fix-G proved effective on seedlings that were normally hard to harvest (example used was rhubarb)

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