Chillax Surfboard Wax (20 block pack)


Chillax is a response to being menaced by a Bull shark off Sydney. Its inventor Neil Campbell has made an excellent truly organic surf wax with a pleasantly pungent brew of 5 essential oils & 5 spices designed to deter the interest of sharks. “You’re a teabag of meat out there.” he says. “Stop smelling & tasting like shark food!”

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Chillax is offensive to a shark’s olfaction (smell) and palate (taste). The apex predator has 10,000 times our olfactory sensitivity – they smell us long before they can see us. Chillax’s intention is to deter their approach and dissuade their interest; now testing has confirmed a significant impact. The idea is simple: the collection of essential oils & spices embedded in the beeswax are a potent offence to the senses of the shark. Chillax has been validated as a constructive strategy while surfing, swimming or diving.

24 million surfers worldwide will be delighted with this – but they will also love the wax’s performance. Chillax gives quality year-round grip without resorting to the petrochemicals or processing of commercial waxes. It’s natural. The days of paraffin wax are numbered. Surfers will also appreciate the block’s large size; a retro move to eliminate the wasteful packaging of the 80g standard. We don’t want you to run out.

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Weight 3.500 kg
Dimensions 360 × 175 × 24 cm

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