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Pro Earth Repair

As I write, Australia has experienced the loss of over 500 million wildlife and farm animals, human life and land the size of Belgium. The debate between greenies and climate change deniers has flared up again and I suggest, how about we just let it lie and focus on how we can help our planet, giving it what it needs and acting out our custodial duties as responsible citizens and members of the human race, because the destroyers doing the destruction are not listening!

Linda Bee

Why can’t we just be pro-earth-repair?

The debate of opinions (scientific or not) around climate change, deniers, carbon tax scams, and if CO2 really is the enemy; is side-tracking us away from the actual issue, the issue about saving and protecting our finite planet.

The reason people have jumped behind Greta Thunberg is because of what they feel in their hearts: “our planet is suffering”. Yet many are extremely unknowledgeable about the ‘science’. People want to protect our planet and are reacting to their reality, while (certain) politicians and corporations are just not giving a shyte!

I spent a weekend locked into reading about how terrible this Government is and what their secret and unshared, ulterior-motive type planning was going to eventuate into. I read conspiracy theories that to me, provoked an equal measure of belief and rejection. I read the people calling Greta Thunburg an idiot puppet, others idolising the ground she walks on. I tried to find something positive about our current Government, something that would relieve my concerns – I couldn’t!

Deeply felt debates never end because that’s what we do. We create sides, join tribes, launch ‘us against them’ situations, point fingers (and I stand guilty!) but I realize, such an approach is not allowing the solutions to flow in.
For the record, I love Greta for the awareness she brings to the forefront even if we are all reading her differently. But the logic is simpler, from my point of view at least.

We have the means to move to alternative energies, plant more trees, create circular economy lifestyles, live amazing lives from surroundings that as we contribute to them, improve and become stronger, environmentally in human resources, natural fauna and habitat, we have a planet that can be a natural paradise of sustenance and support. But the Government is not investing in that. We live on the best planet in our Universe, but we – no – they – by approval of vote, are participating in its destruction and we well know the big driver is the mighty dollar.

The mighty dollar is their security just like natural environments, healthy habitats and happy kids are ours.

If the current Government has a plan, whether the country really is being run by a Mining Corporation (in disguise) or not, until this party is voted out, it’s unlikely they will change course. They are the ones with the monetary means (thanks to our taxes) to continue with their plan. They insist on an ‘our way or the highway’ approach, and unless you agree with them, we are the inconsequential mishaps of ‘democracy’ despite a country split down the middle at the polling booths. Get it – 50/50 – but no sharing going on here!

So for the people with different wants and needs in life, who live and breathe a different set of values, to me, the politics, the country, our democracy – what shall we call it? Regardless – it’s out of whack!

Appreciation, giving, love of nature, sharing, kindness, life for all, consideration, I could go on. We want to stay connected to these versions of ourselves, but I feel them suffocated by Government decision-making. Yep – I have been angered by their blindness. Rage, wrath and fury is the stuff that revolutions emerge from; people are feeling that way too. I certainly don’t want to go there, especially with the big guns that police forces have recently been equipped with ???

There had to be a solution, so Sponsity and the Global Sustainability Fund are building it.

Regardless of all the debates and arguments around climate change – PRO-EARTH-REPAIR is where our focus is as we start to build the infrastructure, the foundation for lives and lifestyles, for people and society, to get back to what we all deserve, to what is real and grounding.

As much as money has become the end to a means, and is massively powering the destruction of the planet, the solution is in using it differently. We bring a system founded on commerce to circulate money (profit) as a balancing functionality to parallel those destroying our planetary home. It’s a building process.

Stats show that on THIS issue, WE are the majority because more people love this country than not. If that’s incentive enough, sign up here.


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