This ‘frequently asked questions’ page has been assembled by the sponsity team, as well as featuring queries received by our customers and suppliers.  

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Explain Sponsity in a nutshell?

Sponsity is a platform, where a collection of thinkers, shakers, and doers assemble to forge a future more powerful than any other. As a social enterprise that focuses on re-circulating the world’s wealth, it redefines the concept of profit & loss by installing an improved foundation for supply & demand. It is also a catalyst, a sustainable system capable of changing the global economic direction, without reinventing the wheel.

The resources currently applied when conducting commerce stay the same, but when it’s $urplus (that’s not a typo!) is donated to the Global Sustainability Fund (read more about the GSF). Those of us fundamental in the production and consumption of the goods and services we need become the beneficiaries of the model.

And NO – this is not a multi-level marketing system, Sponsity serves as a way to address unsustainable capitalism and also shows how we can put wealth back into circulation to be spread amongst all – not just amongst the privileged few.

Why have a business not making profit?

There are two reasons, two answers to these questions.

The first is about the motivation of going into business. For most people, it is to create something they are passionate about. To earn an income doing something they love.

What many people don’t realize is that they are not passionate about accounting, or marketing, or selling. These obligations take away the ‘fun’ of owning a business and is often where costly mistakes occur.  

For the creator, or the inventor, or the producer – an idea comes, it’s creative, it’s feasible, it’s workable, it’s appreciated. But if the experience is lacking in the hum drum of business functionality, or the willingness to wear ‘all the hats’ in the business is missing, start-up operations are often more demanding than the larger clockwork-run business.  

That’s why a lot of people opt for a job as opposed to following a passion that they can make a living from.  

People want a fair deal in life.  If our suppliers can count on a reward system that parallels their input and meets the value of their performance; matching their ability to work AND get equally compensated for efforts;  without hassle, we have created simplicity for them…

The second reason goes into business structures. There is a cost to doing business. We reduce those costs and allow our suppliers more time to focus on making their products or delivering their services; with an end result of more profit for them and more $urplus for the Global Sustainability Fund.

What’s with the typo in $urplus?

Ideally, the concept of $urplus will become recognized as the people’s currency. We want to distinguish the difference between profit and $urplus.  

The result of Sponsity donating its $urplus to the Global Sustainability Fund (or the GSF); means that the GSF can subsequently provide interest-free loans to launch other social enterprises.  These additional social enterprises, once successful, donate their $urplus to the GSF. The GSF drives the proliferation of social enterprise across the globe until $urplus becomes a globally owned asset.

The sooner Sponsity reaches break-even, the sooner the real work can begin.

Is Sponsity transparent ?

Sponsity shall evolve from a culture of trust.

Sponsity is totally transparent and may be held up for scrutiny by anyone. A social enterprise operates like any business with operating overheads and personnel. By the end of the first year, the books will be open to the public.  

Where did the inspiration for this model come from?

Sponsity was inspired from day-1 of the launch of the first children’s online literature website (now off-line). Also founded by Linda in 1999, it was based on the same system of sharing profits. Then she saw how to take the model beyond publishing and formulate a system that would make a huge impact on the world if successfully launched.

Instead of sharing profits – she is now on a mission to gather $urplus for global circulation. One step at a time of course, but the scope is tremendous.

So what happened to kidszip?

Kidszip stories were themed around ‘universal human values’.

While a privileged child was entertained reading a downloadable, printable full colour illustrated story (in one of seven languages); another child on the other side of the world was reaping benefit.  

As the world continued to ‘evolve’, Linda could see a problem much larger, so developed the kidszip model into a larger scale. All kidszip profits went back to kids in underserved situations which was a temporary solution for the child.

Sponsity profits go back to micro-financing talent and ideas which provides jobs, training, and security for the whole family.

In due course, the kidszip model will be rebranded under Sponsity and launched to teach kids about life through story, while giving another child access to life skills to help them stand up. Eventually gaining the skills to understand global citizenship and build their own families.  

How can we be guaranteed that Sponsity will work?

The guarantee the Sponsity team provide is to ‘do their best’. They are good at what they do, and are in it for the long term.

Once the global community recognizes the value, the growth will come in accordance to the way the community participates.

Adopting the Sponsity way is more than just making a purchase, although if you do nothing else, take a browse every month to see what new products or services appeal most.

Although it is through purchases that $urplus is generated, building a community of people serious enough about wanting a better future for themselves and future generations, is calling upon them to reflect upon the future they want.  

It’s probably very similar to what we at Sponsity want.

How do I get involved with Sponsity and its work?

We have a page called put your hand up. VisIt us there and fill in the information we are seeking.  There are many options available to become a part of the Sponsity way.

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