Where our priorities lie …

Where our priorities lie …

In paraphrasing, when “an old and famous ancient temple engulfed in smoke and heat was a frightening reminder that there are many forces out there to render us powerless to save something dear to us. The world looked on,” he wrote. “Shocked to see the iconic spire come crashing down, succumbing to the fire like a matchstick house.” Meaningful memories of Paris in our lifetime were no doubt activated in our hippocampus, be it from a dream, a book or an experience; but many years of Notre Dame’s history turned to ash in the horrific scene and the world felt it.

Kinsella went on to inform that “within hours of the spire coming down, two of France’s wealthiest families (François-Henri Pinault and Bernard Arnault) pledged no less than 300 million Euros in funding for the restoration effort.”

Arnault is the richest person in Europe with a net worth of 91 Billion Euros (give or take); his empire is perhaps best known through its Louis Vuitton brand. Pinault is worth 30 billion Euros. Between them, they have significantly more money than several European states such as Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and to put that into perspective: If you had 3,000 (of any currency unit) and you donated 10 Euros from it, you’d be giving proportionally the same amount as these men.

Then Kinsella reflected upon the Church. He commented that “perhaps an overlooked part of the discussion was the financial role that the Catholic Church could play in the restoration. Nobody outside the Vatican truly knows how much money the church has, but in 2012, the Economist calculated that the Vatican’s operating budget in the US alone came to USD 170 billion. Pope Francis has confirmed that he is praying for all those affected by the Notre Dame fire. That is to say, he is putting his hands together, rather than in his pocket.”

“Now it would be incredibly cheap to suggest that it is in some way wrong to give money for the restoration,” and we agree, “but” he say’s, “the immediacy and magnitude of their response tells us something very important about the society we live in.”

“Brick and mortar and stained-glass might burn, but they do not bleed, they do not starve, and they do not suffer. Humans suffer. Everywhere in the world, from Paris to Persepolis, people are suffering and their suffering is daily. It does not light up a front page, and it does not inspire immediate donations from the world’s wealthiest men.”

Yet “ … if within six hours of disaster striking; two men in a world of more than 7 billion people can provide 300 million Euro to restore a cultural icon, then there is enough money in the world to feed every mouth, shelter every family and educate every child. The failure to do so is a matter of will, and a matter of system, and comes from our failure to recognise the mundane emergencies that claim lives all around us every single day.”

I love his passion. Carl Kinsella is a young man prioritising ‘life and the living’ and asking the hard questions. Some would shout back and say “communism was a failure”. But Carl was emphasising the gap between the rich and poor in developed nations that have never lived through Communism. It was not just about wealth, but priorities. The poor live with one priority – to survive.

So what do the wealthy prioritise? Thoughts of goodwill might be overshadowed by their perception of the situation? They see a population of 7 billion, divide that into the wealth they are willing to give up, and there is no long-term impact achievable. Alternatively, they’re not as keen on sharing as others. (Dickens wrote about the miser Ebenezer Scrooge. Today, we call it ‘the greedy man syndrome’.)

Whatever their priorities; whatever their reasons, whatever their convictions; this is significant of the growing gap that rules us today. And interestingly, this outcome has always been caused by that same level of individual priority, through the ages.

Sponsity has set the motion, the closing of the gap. It is not about making the rich – poorer. They earned their wealth through whatever means and want to have it throughout their lifetime. But it IS time to give opportunity to those who deserve to be richer. These are the people who have less, they often ‘care more’ or ‘feel more’ and willingly help others first as soon as they can; yet many aren’t getting a fair share back for their efforts.

Sponsity thinks they should. We want to show how, and what needs to be implemented to achieve it – stay tuned here.

In the meantime, thank you Messieurs Pinault & Arnault. Together they will fix an iconic landmark, save taxpayer Euros that otherwise would have been paid by the State and also considerably reduce their tax bill. But I invite them to do something significant on a human scale. Spread their support further at a much smaller cost, to create a people-purposed impact. Invest in a system bringing phenomenal difference and perpetuating wealth further.

Painting courtesy of Artist: Robert P. Hawkins

Click through to view the original article by Carl Kinsella

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why launch sponsity?

why launch sponsity?

Why launch Sponsity?
Today’s economic system is moulded by a financially affluent group of individuals who keep it maintained this way to be the ones reaping the most benefit. These affluent players have a name these days. They are called the one percenters.

Currently considered one of the biggest dilemmas of modern society, business law favours this formula of economic unsustainability. We, the remaining 99%, are feeling the impact! Whether mentally, financially, ethically or psychologically, we all feel it. And even if we have carved out a life of comfort and sense of security, it is not without the feeling that your existence depends on the one percenters.

Ironically, this small affluent group could not exist without us; We the majority.
We are the 99%. This means ‘we are clearly the solution’!

But the big question is: what can be done?
As the ‘collective majority’ – that’s YOU and ME – we can ALL do something!

Let’s call it ‘sustainable give and recieve’. Sponsity’s economic model is the beginning of sustainable commerce, and a driver to get us to an equilibrum that is much, much fairer than the pressures put on us today.

What May Pipher was perhaps highlighting, was the goodness of charity when she said “social change is a million individual acts of kindness”. So might economic change mean millions of individuals benefiting from the acts of $urplus.

Why are people so money-centric?

First of all – not all people are money-centric, even though something like 70 percent of human emotion is linked to money. Money now categorizes people and it has become the level of measure about a person in society. Those not placing money as a high-priority in their life are rarely seen as achievers. So yes, money has become the gauge of an individual’s measure of self-worth.

Since it was invented, money conveniently became backbone to society and an all important exchange. Most wanted to enjoy a quality lifestyle with the material things that meet their needs. But since money has become the commodity of all commodities; it is used to acquire more money and those who have acquired it live with the buzz ranging from security, to success, to superiority. It’s a strange mix.

However, the power bestowed on money has deemed it to become the root-cause of destruction and greed. It is why money is considered to be the cause of virtually every social problem.

The world is spiraling as wealth is shifting. More money is going into the pockets of the few. And it is that measure worrying economists today. Forty percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by one percent of the population, and if nothing changes, by 2030, they will have sixty percent. And that will have been made for them by the real riches: your time and your need to survive. Lost is the ability to live a quality life. It is diminishing and as it erodes, the minority continue to extract more and more from the majority. That’s the squeeze that reduces our rewards.

Money has become a control mechanism that the one percenters use to increase their lion’s share and quite simply means taking away the rewards to others. Quite the vicious circle.

The period of transition

As Sponsity begins its journey, today starts the period of transition. Being the change, transforming the world, embracing the journey, means taking flight.

Imagine the scenario when the circulation of money is shared with the world, not just with a select minority group of people, but with all people.

The Sponsity model is designed to do exactly that! Sponsity re-circulates all profits derived from the Sponsity shop, but doesn’t stop there. Sponsity is a system that shows how we can escape from this locked-in economy faster than we can imagine. Sonsity is a new economic model in emergence.

A joint effort will see substantial changes emerge from as early as Year-2 when customers start witnessing the value and results from their buying decisions.

What you can do?

The formula to dissolve unsustainable capitalism is explained in a series of videos coming soon . In the meantime, you are not required to do anything differently other than to think about who you buy from online; before you buy …

As a transparent, earth-friendly, economic model, with people-centric values, a different economic outcome shall emerge. Sponsity shows how to use consumerism as a tool to go beyond fulfilling a personal need or whim.

Presenting earth-friendly products, no person, animal or planet has been harmed in the making of that product. That’s the foundation of everything available at Sponsity, and without effort, you have already taken the first step of a conscious buying decision. But we don’t stop there … there is more ….

Start the conversation

The best way to go about learning more is to start the conversation.

From there, as awareness of the concept is embraced by more and more people, it becomes clear that an outward rejection of unsustainable capitalism and the abuse made to people affected by it, is something we can respond to, turn around! As a global community, we can decide to put it behind us as we move to action.

Talk to one, two, three people around us and get word out into the cyber highways. As people visit Sponsity, a larger, more open discussion will evolve. And just as your needs go beyond wanting a product, an item or a service; so does our work in supplying them.

But first, allow us to show what might tickle your fancy during the process and our Step One. If you feel we are on the same page, check into our SHOP every now and then. It’s small right now – but about to start to grow. And if you want to share this blog with anyone, please do so. Start the conversation and be a part of it …

And keep in mind, even if “money (does) make the world go round”, Sponsity’s anchor is to show that “what goes round, comes round”.

Pro Earth Repair

Pro Earth Repair

Why can’t we just be pro-earth-repair?

The debate of opinions (scientific or not) around climate change, deniers, carbon tax scams, and if CO2 really is the enemy; is side-tracking us away from the actual issue, the issue about saving and protecting our finite planet.

The reason people have jumped behind Greta Thunberg is because of what they feel in their hearts: “our planet is suffering”. Yet many are extremely unknowledgeable about the ‘science’. People want to protect our planet and are reacting to their reality, while (certain) politicians and corporations are just not giving a shyte!

I spent a weekend locked into reading about how terrible this Government is and what their secret and unshared, ulterior-motive type planning was going to eventuate into. I read conspiracy theories that to me, provoked an equal measure of belief and rejection. I read the people calling Greta Thunburg an idiot puppet, others idolising the ground she walks on. I tried to find something positive about our current Government, something that would relieve my concerns – I couldn’t!

Deeply felt debates never end because that’s what we do. We create sides, join tribes, launch ‘us against them’ situations, point fingers (and I stand guilty!) but I realize, such an approach is not allowing the solutions to flow in.
For the record, I love Greta for the awareness she brings to the forefront even if we are all reading her differently. But the logic is simpler, from my point of view at least.

We have the means to move to alternative energies, plant more trees, create circular economy lifestyles, live amazing lives from surroundings that as we contribute to them, improve and become stronger, environmentally in human resources, natural fauna and habitat, we have a planet that can be a natural paradise of sustenance and support. But the Government is not investing in that. We live on the best planet in our Universe, but we – no – they – by approval of vote, are participating in its destruction and we well know the big driver is the mighty dollar.

The mighty dollar is their security just like natural environments, healthy habitats and happy kids are ours.

If the current Government has a plan, whether the country really is being run by a Mining Corporation (in disguise) or not, until this party is voted out, it’s unlikely they will change course. They are the ones with the monetary means (thanks to our taxes) to continue with their plan. They insist on an ‘our way or the highway’ approach, and unless you agree with them, we are the inconsequential mishaps of ‘democracy’ despite a country split down the middle at the polling booths. Get it – 50/50 – but no sharing going on here!

So for the people with different wants and needs in life, who live and breathe a different set of values, to me, the politics, the country, our democracy – what shall we call it? Regardless – it’s out of whack!

Appreciation, giving, love of nature, sharing, kindness, life for all, consideration, I could go on. We want to stay connected to these versions of ourselves, but I feel them suffocated by Government decision-making. Yep – I have been angered by their blindness. Rage, wrath and fury is the stuff that revolutions emerge from; people are feeling that way too. I certainly don’t want to go there, especially with the big guns that police forces have recently been equipped with ???

There had to be a solution, so Sponsity and the Global Sustainability Fund are building it.

Regardless of all the debates and arguments around climate change – PRO-EARTH-REPAIR is where our focus is as we start to build the infrastructure, the foundation for lives and lifestyles, for people and society, to get back to what we all deserve, to what is real and grounding.

As much as money has become the end to a means, and is massively powering the destruction of the planet, the solution is in using it differently. We bring a system founded on commerce to circulate money (profit) as a balancing functionality to parallel those destroying our planetary home. It’s a building process.

Stats show that on THIS issue, WE are the majority because more people love this country than not. If that’s incentive enough, sign up here.