We know that the biggest man-made system sustaining our planet is broken! Sponsity is a new economic model to transition us from unsustainable capitalism into a system where not-for-profit enterprise helps us achieve a horizontal circulation of wealth to benefit all.

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To address the malpractices of unsustainable capitalism, you might be asking “where do I fit in?” Signing up to learn more and join in provides a front-row seat. The occasional emails we send shall explain the launch & action process. If they resonate, stay with us because you’ll be ‘in the know’ each step of the way. It’ll be a gradual process, although the speed of the ‘gradual’ is not yet known. Start the ball rolling by registering below!

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frequently asked questions

Some of the most common queries from our customers and suppliers are below.
If you have a question, you can ask it here and we will respond to you directly.

Explain Sponsity in a nutshell?

Sponsity is a catalyst. A platform for thinkers, shakers and doers; for contributors and customers who want to forge a future more sustainably powerful than any other. Sponsity is a social enterprise focused on generating profit for circulation as global wealth. The concept of profit & loss is redefined by installing a different process for supply & demand. It’s a system capable of changing the global economic direction, without reinventing the wheel or causing chaos.

The way we conduct commerce, stays the same, but when profit is converted to $urplus (that is not a typo!) and donated to the Global $ustainability Fund (more about the G$F coming soon), those of us participating in the production and consumption of the goods and services we make and use, become the beneficiaries.  

Sponsity addresses unsustainable capitalism. It shows how to put wealth back into circulation until it grows to become a large resource available to all. By creating global wealth to share, ownership is taken beyond that of the privileged few.

Why is Sponsity necessary?

The global economic picture today is governed by different systems that range from deep corruption to only slightly. As mega corporations and ultra-keen capitalists accumulate power, they become forces of dominance. Market sabotage to cripple the competition, extend the inequality gap, leave communities of families fighting for survival; leave population majorities feeling like pawns in this big power-play.

The political arena is a back-scratching game with backhanders to drive desired outcomes. Corporate cash goes a long way to ‘buying’ or ‘bullying’ legislation change. It’s called lobbying – and its legal. Government and Corporate are in bed together. Very few governments prioritize the well-being of the people, who have become mere puppets in a system. Problems caused by Corporate and Government cannot be fixed by Corporate or Government.

So a new system has to come into being and gain momentum. Looking to Government for support should no longer be our only option.

However, the Sponsity model is not about humbling the ‘mighty’ (although the ‘mighty’ that are humble – might like us). Sponsity is about giving everyone a chance. From our most utmost desire to make it happen; for all the obvious reasons that ‘need it’ to happen; like a current of collective reasoning; this resonance gathers the momentum needed to emerge faster and faster, and overtake the consequences of our current locked-in and in many cases – enforced; unsustainable lifestyles.

The impact of becoming wealthier ‘collectively’ is a much more empowering solution than the current dog-eat-dog mentality provoked by unsustainable capitalism.

Why have a business not making profit?

Entrepreneurs are passionate, motivated by creating something and making income from their passion. The problem for the creator, whether they are formulating an idea or a product is that its development typically demands the simultaneous wearing of many hats and juggling varied, often annoying tasks. A talented creative is rarely a good accountant or salespersonThis explains why many people give up, or cannot prosper from the precipitous path of turning their passion into a livelihood.

To respond, Sponsity has implemented a reward system which allows our suppliers and their teams, to link the input and performance (time/expertise) to their trading results and compensation. Doing business costs money and time, so allowing our suppliers more time to focus on making their products or delivering their services, we reduce their costs and help generate more revenue for them. We also aim to deliver a more affordable product to our Customers whilst in parallel more $urplus is being donated to the Global Sustainability Fund to do its work.

Is Sponsity transparent?

Transparency is a top priority. Sponsity shall evolve from a culture of trust, embracing social scrutiny and addressing constructive criticism as we grow. As a social enterprise,  e operate like any business with operational overheads and personnel, but our profits take a different journey and that information is the way your buying habits contribute to the goal at hand.

Our Accounts become open to the public as soon as Sponsity reaches breakeven status and the Global Sustainability Fund is activated.

What’s with the typo in $urplus?

Ideally, the concept of $urplus will become recognized as the people’s currency. We want to distinguish the difference between profit and $urplus.  

The result of Sponsity donating its $urplus to the Global Sustainability Fund (or the GSF); means that the GSF can subsequently provide interest-free loans to launch other social enterprises.  These additional social enterprises, once successful, donate their $urplus to the GSF. The GSF drives the proliferation of social enterprise across the globe until $urplus becomes a globally owned asset.

The sooner Sponsity reaches break-even, the sooner the real work can begin.

What is $urplus?

Profit gets an upgrade with our notion of $urplus, which will become a form of people’s currency in the future.
Because Sponsity donates its $urplus to the Global Sustainability Fund (GSF), start-up or early-stage social enterprises have the opportunity to access interest-free loans. Our loan recipients, or Social Enterprise Entities (SEEs), supply their products or services to the Sponsity shop, and operate under the same model as Sponsity, reaping the personal rewards for their toils and feeding their $urplus into the GSF. Together, Sponsity, the GSF and SEE’s form the new economic model that generates cash flow for people empowerment.

In this way, we aim to drive the proliferation of social enterprise across the globe until $urplus becomes a globally-owned asset. Think ‘flow’; let’s remove the stigma attached to money as being the sole means to an end.
(video coming soon to demonstrate how) 
If you’re interested in becoming an SEE, please complete an application for review for the first round of funding scheduled before the end of 2021. All submissions are confidential until under the terms of our Agreement.

Where did the inspiration for this model come from?

Sponsity was inspired from day-1 of the launch of the first children’s online literature website www.kidszip.com (now off-line). Also founded by Linda in 1999, it was based on the same system of sharing profits (to support children in underserved environments). Then she saw how to take the model beyond publishing and formulate a system that would make a huge impact on the world if successfully launched. Instead of sharing profits – she is now on a mission to gather $urplus for global circulation and demonstrate the impact of ROP (Return on Profit). One step at a time of course, but the scope is tremendous.

So what happened to kidszip?

Kidszip stories were themed around ‘universal human values’.

While a privileged child was entertained reading a downloadable, printable full colour illustrated story (in one of seven languages); another child on the other side of the world was reaping benefit.  

As the world continued to ‘evolve’, Linda could see a problem much larger, so developed the kidszip model into a larger scale. All kidszip profits went back to kids in underserved situations which was a temporary solution for the child.

Sponsity profits go back to financing talent and ideas which provides jobs, training, and security for the whole family.

In due course, kidszip will be rebranded under Sponsity Storytelling and launched to teach kids about life through story, while giving another child access to life skills to help them stand up. Eventually gaining the skills to understand global citizenship and build their own families.  

How can we be guaranteed that Sponsity will work?

The guarantee the Sponsity team provide is to ‘do their best’. They are good at what they do, and are in it for the long term.

Once the global community recognizes the value, the growth will come in accordance to the way the community participates.

Adopting the Sponsity way is more than just making a purchase, although if you do nothing else, take a browse every month to see what new products or services appeal most.

Although it is through purchases that $urplus is generated, building a community of people serious enough about wanting a better future for themselves and future generations, is calling upon them to reflect upon the future they want.  

It’s probably very similar to what we at Sponsity want.

How do I get involved with Sponsity and its work?

We have a page called put your hand up. VisIt us there and fill in the information we are seeking.  There are many options available to become a part of the Sponsity way.

How can Sponsity guarantee it will work?

Sponsity can’t – but to move in a collective direction – we can! Our guarantee is that we will do all we can to bring the best in product, service and investment to aim for success. Once the global community recognizes the value in our model, growth will come in accordance to community participation.

Adopting Sponsity is way more than making a purchase. When you take a moment to check out our new products and services each month, if you find something you like and give value to it by purchasing, we can then start to attach a “success guarantee”.

How do I get involved?

Visit our page:  Put your hand up.