from seed to success - a journey guided by universal human values

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If there’s one cause the whole world can really unite around,
it’s how to break free from the system that no longer serves our interests.

Don’t let the damage deepen.

A Global Restart

Be the Change - Become its Echo

Hey there, I’m Linda Bee from Sponsity. Being here suggests you're looking for something different, something authentic and honestly, we can only build this with people who feel the need for a global revamp. No one individual can make it happen - it's too big for one person. Instead, we take a giant step forward - in sync - with millions of others - doing the same thing - in sync. The ‘change’ orchestrated is founded upon our needs through pure people power. The restart begins now; It’s a 3-year plan.

Real Talk, Real Goals

Let’s cut to the chase: No gimmicks, no schemes, no one gets ripped off. Just a genuine, impactful community growing together from a foundation of systems coding and AI brilliance. This nudge for tangible change - becomes us. If you’ve felt it, but not lived it, here’s your chance. To amplify change, we build bridges!

The Next Chapter

We see a world brimming with potential. Despite the gloom and doom of the Naysayers, the inflexible curveballs thrown by Politicians, and the Big Corporates dictating greed; within us rests the resilience to morph beyond them. Every step is a shared journey of individual value, rooted in mutual connection and genuine growth. This is our breakout; a suspension of the status quo that no longer serves us.

History is Breaking Ground

Individuals joining become the global force that collectively break ground for this monumental change. It is easier than you think and its a ride to enjoy. This will be how history avoided the future tipping point. In fact, we became the catalyst for redirection. When we can’t be steered, we have more choices and more sway, but only in numbers. The guidelines are simple: Clear Purpose | Global Drive | Mondial Momentum

The Journey

This isn’t about a membership (although you do have to subscribe); it's about tapping into a story where you play a crucial role. The directions delivered feel deeply personal, filled with real growth and tangible milestones. Obviously, you can take them or leave them, but to learn how to beat unsustainable capitalism is a process. Shift into the Collective Vision that enchiches us All

People Pulse

Your presence, from intrigue to passion makes a difference; or perhaps your desire for rewards and income is your driver. In this community, every pulse, especially yours, forms the drumbeat. Our rally call guides us to the finish line, fully aware of our journey's outcomes. As we amplify our existence - we echo 'change' that truly resonates.

People Power

Big opportunities, solid plans and the collective impact of individuals like you, merge to build the blueprint most suited for the current and future inhabitants of our Planet. The harnessing of people power, empowers our Plan B.

Elevate your game because this is the game changer